Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Divas Painting Nametags

Well, last night was a fun and relaxing couple of hours after work! Christina and Carissa both work hard in backing me up at work with all the demos, workshops and Art of the Carolinas planning. Since we came up with this great idea to create nametags for all of the vendors and staff at Art of the Carolinas, I decided to invite the girls over to my studio so we could throw some paint around! Here are some photos:

That's Carissa on the left and Christina on the right. CHEESE!

I love this shot of the work space! We're experimenting with Jacquard Silk paints and Resist, as well as Pearl-Ex! We're working on 3 x 4 black illustration board. Some of the boards are pre-coated with gesso and the fun begins!

That's me on the left and Carissa on the right.

Christina had this great method of laying all the pieces out and working on it as one large piece, when actually they are all cut to size. These are my pieces: working on 12 at a time! Once the painting is complete, you just pull them apart and let them dry. We'll probably coat them with "The Recipe" and adhere the labels for each name on top...

Here's a shot of some of my pieces drying. I'm using Jacquard's Lumiere Paints.

A close up of one of Carissa's creations! (LOVE this one...)

Christina's fabulous puzzle pieces!

My camera really doesn't do these mini paintings justice, so you'll just have to come and see for yourself! These tags will be adorning the chests of all employees and vendors at the show, so please come and check them out!

Thanks girls for coming over to play! Yeh!

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