Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stealing time in the studio!

Yes, that’s what I’m doing…
And loving it too!
I’m doing lots of experimentation in the wax department. Encaustic wax, that is.
Here are a few images of my latest work:

These are all done on encausticbord, with R&F encaustic paints and mediums both of which I absolutely love. I am also working on birch wood with encaustic gesso applied to the working surface. I'm not quite finished with anything, but keep posted and you'll see what I come up with!
Take care and have a fun rest of the week...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello August!

The same thing happens every year right around this time. I have so much going on that I forget to blog! Yes, I’m way too busy enjoying this time of year. Family. Friends. Art. Work. Art of the Carolinas. Beach. Teaching. Gardening. Cooking. Wine. Travel. Creating. Organizing. Taking photos. WOW! That’s pretty much it right there…

I did have a chance to sort of clean out my studio and rearrange. I finally set up a permanent place for my encaustics. This is wonderful, as now I don’t have to pull everything out, set it out, plug it in and get going. I have committed a particular space to WAX! Now all I need is more time so I can get in there and paint. I have a sketchbook chock full of wonderful ideas and new directions. Time, where are you? Actually I really need you now! Great news! I’ll be shooting a new DVD this month – this time covering encaustic – WooHoo!
I spent an absolute fantabulous week with my family at the beach over the 4th of July. It was so much fun! This is something we always love to do…get together, play games, party, splash around in the ocean, cook, create, read, relax and just enjoy each other’s company. We all had a great time and it’s just great to be able to do whatever we want to on vacations together. I am very lucky to have such a great family that truly loves each other!
Part of the Crew:

Zach and me...
Joe Chillin'

Right after returning from the beach, we at Jerry’s were happy to present another fabulous Bob Burridge workshop. Something about that guy…He’s just one of those “life lovers” and I love it when he comes to Raleigh to share it! Thanks Bob for all the inspiration and creativity you give out in bunches!

Next, Joe and I were fortunate enough to offer workshops in Traverse City, Michigan. Wow! What a beautiful place. Right on the water, clear water, that is. Next time we will definitely plan a bit of an extended stay so we can enjoy the area more than just a few days. Both workshops; Joe teaching acrylic abstracts and me teaching encaustics, were very well attended and our students really pushed themselves and created some fantastic work! Great job. Here is a shot of some of the students' work. They were really cranking it out!
We've had lots of visitors over to DiGiulio Studios for some fun and painting since my last post!
Here is a photo of Cindy Lou:

And the lovely Ophelia:

Emily and Dragos visited the studio last weekend and had some fun painting some pieces for their new house. Great job you two!

And also my dear friend Patty over for a fun night of painting last night!
Then today, Joe and I were fortunate enough to go visit Dragos and his dad, Stelian at their shop, Raleigh Wrought Iron Co. Oh my! What an awesome place! Really fantastic craftsmanship. Wow. This is just one mini corner:
Dragos and his dad. Can't wait for our new railing going up to the Buddha Lounge!
Okay, so now I have to clean the house, then I'll be in the studio all weekend creating! FINALLY!