Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Countdown is ON!

Okay, now the time has come! I can't believe it is already so close to the show. Art of the Carolinas begins one week from tomorrow...Well, that is, it begins for me! Wednesday the 11th is when I have the truck come to the store and load all of the workshop goodies I have been accumulating over the past month or so and deliver it to the workshop area at the Hilton. We unload all the stuff into our storage room and try to keep it semi sorted out. Then back to the office to download all of the workshop information so we can move it manually to the show. Then we will check in to our new digs for the next five days! Thank God for comfortable Hilton beds!
Thursday the alarm goes off at 6:00a.m. and I meet my team of Divas at 7:00a.m. to discuss last minute details. We'll be set up at 8:00a.m. in the workshop area with bells on! We'll be ready to get registration started and I just can't wait to see all of your anxiously excited faces again this year! WooHoo! This is my favorite moment of the show. After all the months of anticipation, it is finally here! Yeh!
This year we'll have two computers that you can "register" with. You'll check in with either Christina, Rusti, Carissa or Joanne, verify your workshops that you signed up for, receive your goody bag (with some delightful treats!) and then, "Let the Games Begin!"
We will officially open AOC 2009 at 8:45 a.m. and let the first round of fabulous workshops begin! What a line up we have this year. We've been working very hard to bring you the best of the best and have things run a bit more smoothly than ever before.
FREE admission to the trade show!
FREE parking!
FREE demos in most of the trade show booths!
FREE Artist Trading Card "Make it and Take it" Room in the Workshop Area
FREE World of Art Challenge Exhibit in the Boardroom in the Workshop Area
Also, this year we will be celebrating Jerry's 80th Birthday, so be sure to find him in the Jerry's Booth. Look for the charming gentleman and get your picture taken with him! He is a true gem! Happy Birthday Jerry!

We have lots of new and special treats for you at AOC 2009!
Thursday, we'll have about 8-10 tractor trailor truckloads of art supplies shipped to the Hilton. We'll spend all day unloading, setting up and pricing (REALLY LOW PRICES!) all the goods.
Then at 9:00 a.m. Friday, November 13th the doors OPEN and Art of the Carolinas is here!
Grab a friend and head on over to the country's Biggest Consumer Art Supply Show Ever.
We are oh so proud to offer you the best art supplies at the best prices!
So, okay, I need to get some more rest because there are still plenty of things to take care of in this last week. We still have room in our workshops, so if you're interested, give us a call! 800-827-8478 x 156.
Otherwise, we'll see you at the show!
Sharon DiGiulio
Event Coordinator

Monday, November 2, 2009

"Tricky Weekend"

Starting on Friday, we all dressed up at work and ate more chocolate than usual...

Trader Joe's finally opened with record customers spilling out the front doors and lined up to the back with their carts full of healthy stuff and Three Buck Chuck. Back at Jerry's, we were all hustling and bustling ourselves on this exciting weekend!

Joe did a demo Friday painting on paper (above) and Carissa (The Lumberjack), Christina (Little Red Riding Hood) and I (The Graduate) were busy with some of the final preparations for Art of the Carolinas.

Saturday (Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit), I did a demo at the store on Jacquard's Lumiere paints. Yes, I'm in a toga, but hey, it's Halloween! All I could think of was: If John Belushi can do it, so can I!

Getting set up for the product demo

Explaining the product and the application I use...

Clarifying heat set techniques...

Let the fun begin!

Customers got to test out the Lumiere paints on black fabric and
black illustration board...

Some of our creations we made!
Thanks to everyone who came out to participate!