Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Back!

Here is a shot of the last seven loads of tees I dyed for AOC! I dyed a total of 25 loads or 750 shirts. Joe has the only white one... I'm starting to get caught up on some of the things at home now. I've been busy, busy, busy, as usual. That's how I like it! Here are some shots from First Friday at Nicole Kennedy's Gallery
These (above) are some of my newer collage pieces and the large pieces below (red and green) are
on hold for a sale! Keep your fingers crossed...
I have been working on gift bags for my Art of the Carolinas Instructors
and here is a nice colorful shot of the gift bags in progress:

Here are a few shots from the Works of Heart Auction which took place on October 8th and 9th this year:

Sean Byrne with his donation. (#14)

Joe DiGiulio with his donation

Now, back in the studio playing with fabric and paints and dyes! It has really been so much fun. Lots of experimentation and play. What a nice relief from my hectic days at work planning for the show.
Here is a shot for you:

I didn't take many pictures because my batteries died, but I was using screen printing inks as a resist, acrylic paints and Lumiere paints, creating samples of different techniques. This photo is using flour paste as a resist on fabric. This was the first time I worked with this particular technique and trust me: Flour paste clogs your sink, BIG TIME! Please note! Rinse all fabrics in the yard with the garden hose - this will keep peace in your home! I have a workshop coming up in Key West in November at The Seam Shoppe, so I'm working on narrowing down what I'm going to teach. I always have difficulty with that, because I get so excited and want to show everything. So, I'm trying to edit it down to the best of the best to offer in this one day class.

This is the image I'll be using in my artsee Magazine advertising in the upcoming publication.

Every year for the past four years, Joe has donated a piece of work to the Rex Gala. Rex Cancer Center is where Joe was treated and **cured** of his cancer. We love Rex Hospital!
Below are some images of Joe's 2010 donation:

 Bob Rankin's piece on the left and Joe's on the right. Thanks guys!

Here is a close up of Joe's piece, "Redemption in Kind"

"To Die For" Cannoli at the gala...Yum!

Oh, then we had at least three football games in October. ECU Pirates were creamed by UNC, redeemed at the NC State game (Yeh!) and also beat Marshall. So, we're having a pretty darn good season so far...
Go Pirates!

Okay, lastly, I went to the 20th anniversary party at Artsource this past Friday. Wow! What a great turnout. The gallery has expanded and looks just fantastic! Congratulations to Sharon and Nancy, owners. And to top it all off, both DiGiulios had sales from the evening! Yipee!
Now we can finish the floor in our upstairs portion of the studio. Woot! Woot!

Sunday was my day of "rest" in the studio painting away! I finished up two paintings, both 30 x 40.
Here are some photos:

Now I have to figure out what to be for Halloween...