Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Divas Painting Nametags

Well, last night was a fun and relaxing couple of hours after work! Christina and Carissa both work hard in backing me up at work with all the demos, workshops and Art of the Carolinas planning. Since we came up with this great idea to create nametags for all of the vendors and staff at Art of the Carolinas, I decided to invite the girls over to my studio so we could throw some paint around! Here are some photos:

That's Carissa on the left and Christina on the right. CHEESE!

I love this shot of the work space! We're experimenting with Jacquard Silk paints and Resist, as well as Pearl-Ex! We're working on 3 x 4 black illustration board. Some of the boards are pre-coated with gesso and the fun begins!

That's me on the left and Carissa on the right.

Christina had this great method of laying all the pieces out and working on it as one large piece, when actually they are all cut to size. These are my pieces: working on 12 at a time! Once the painting is complete, you just pull them apart and let them dry. We'll probably coat them with "The Recipe" and adhere the labels for each name on top...

Here's a shot of some of my pieces drying. I'm using Jacquard's Lumiere Paints.

A close up of one of Carissa's creations! (LOVE this one...)

Christina's fabulous puzzle pieces!

My camera really doesn't do these mini paintings justice, so you'll just have to come and see for yourself! These tags will be adorning the chests of all employees and vendors at the show, so please come and check them out!

Thanks girls for coming over to play! Yeh!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sanford Brush and Palette Show 2009

Okay everyone, two blog posts in one day...I'm impressed too! So much going on, I just have to keep up! Fabulous reception and award ceremony tonight in Sanford. There were lots of people:

Really great food and decorations:

And lots of talented artists and happy award winners!

Waiting anxiosly for the results of the judging...

Some of the happy first place ribbon winners!

Second Merit Award Winner

First Merit Award Winner

Best in Show, Doug Rowe!

Here's a closer shot of this FABULOUS painting! Wow, really well painted and finished.
Such a treat to see this painting up close and live! Great job. Doug, you really deserved this award, so

And our lovely hostesses: Sandy Scott, President on the right and Mary on  the left:

Thanks so much for inviting us to judge the show Sandy! Joe and I truly enjoyed the challenge!
Great job on all of your organization and hard work.
Congratulations on your 45th Annual Sanford Brush and Palette Show!

OK, I'm addicted!

I'll admit it, I'm addicted to making Bali Bowls. Thanks Cindy!
These are so much fun to make! They take about 3 hours or so and work as great therapy.
I like working on these in the evening after dinner or first thing in the morning before work. I just head out to my studio, crank the music and off I go into the world of creation! I went and picked up some more fabric on Wednesday, just in case I run out of what I have... A girl's got to get all of her ducks in a row, right?
(For those of you who don't know: this addiction is in addition to the ones that I already have that are fine art related!)

Joe and I spent all day yesterday in Sanford judging the Sanford Brush and Palette's 45th Annual Show. WOW! What an undertaking that was! They have over 400 entries, 13 categories with 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and honorable mentions (up to 3 in each), plus Best in Show, 1st Merit, 2nd Merit and a special Expresionistic Painting Award! Holy Cow! Tonight is the reception and awards banquet, so I'll take some photos to post.

Today, it's back to work! Still lots to do in finalizing Art of the Carolinas! Hope you'll join us!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What? October 15th already?

Holy Cow!
So much to do, so little time!
Time flies when you're having fun!
Any other appropriate cliches?
Well, as you may know, this is my BUSIEST time of the year.
AOC, shows, competitions, projects, judging. Then we have football and hockey too! You name it.
So, here are a few highlights from the past 10 days:

Hand painted and stitched bag by me!
I think I've been sewing lately, because it's so rewarding and happens rather quickly!

Bali bowl: I love these! This is my fourth one...

The Charm Swap with the Carolina Mixed Media Guild. 42 different hand made charms were exchanged! Wow, it felt like Christmas morning. Lots of creativity! Lots of fun! Thanks ladies...

Now off to Asheville with Joe for a little R&R before the big show!

This is in Montreat. Susan Lake. Beautiful, huh?

Downtown Asheville. Drums and hoola hoops

Joe playing a 3-string guitar

Work by Vicki Grant (above)

Close up of Scott Upton's work - Just awesome!

Jerry's Artarama Award of Excellence
at the NC State Fair - High School

Layton at work on my hair

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun Weekend

I feel so fortunate! Zach came home for a visit this weekend, because I had a show at Capital Bank. Such fun. It was great to be in the company of Jonathan Peedin, Eric McRay, Linda James, Allen Montague, Stephen Greer, Nicole Kennedy and Patricia Pittman in this show! We stopped at Nicole Kennedy's Gallery first, then headed to Capital Bank.

Here are a couple of photos:

Me and one of my paintings.

Jonathan painting Allison. Zach said she looks like one of those girls from a Hemingway novel!

Then we headed over to VAE - Visual Art Exchange for the Alchemy Awards:

Here's Zach and Franchesca

And Denee Black. You go girl! Congratulations on TWO pieces - AWESOME PIECES too, that got in the show! I think you won something too, but not sure what!

We had a fine meal at Vic's, then went to Woody's to meet up with Matt, Anna, and Blake, then back to the ranch...

Saturday, we ended up at the International Festival downtown, which was fabulous, but I didn't take any photos (like  a dork...) so whatever! Went there, then to the Big Easy for dessert, then back to the house for steak and a nice relaxing evening. Sunday Brunch with DeShaun, Courtney, Zach, Franchesca, Joe and myself, then a little painting in the studio. Here are some more starts:

More stuff to come...
Just need more batteries for the camera!

Friday, October 2, 2009

October has arrived!

Well, today is the 2nd of October, but I did say "Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit" yesterday, so I'm good! Lots of irons in the fire and excitement and a bit of a chill in the air!
I am part of a group show at Capital Bank and tonight is the opening! Here is a link to the art and artists that will be there. Hope you can make it tonight for the reception from 5:30pm-8pm.

This is one of my pieces included in the show.

So, yesterday was a BUSY day at work. We are moving along nicely with our Art of the Carolinas preparations. You are all in for a treat!. And speaking of treats, I finished all of my gift bags for the instructors last night at 10pm! Here is a sneak preview. This is only a partial of the 42 bags:

My sister sent me two new books. Oh boy! These are pretty awesome, as they include the use of fabric and lots of the products we sell in the store, Jerry's Artarama. Most of which I already own, such as Lumiere, Silk Dyes and Paint Sticks. However, there are some new techniques to try, so keep posted. New addictions are on the horizon. Here are the books:

Oh, and speaking of books, I ordered TONS OF FABULOUS TITLES from Northlight Books for the show, so check out the Northlight Booth and also in the workshop area for some great finds. We'll also have book signings throughout the show, as alot of the artists/authors will be there...

Remember I told you we stopped at Jonathan's studio in Greenville? Well, here are the fish I bought:

They don't have a permanent home just yet, but I'm getting there...
Lastly, I have some paintings on the easel that I've been working on. Here are the (blurry) pictures: