Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another donation is completed!

Here is my latest donation piece. This collage is done on Ampersand's gessobord and has different handmade and hand printed papers, burlap and copper for embellishment. Done in my favorite colors that will accent any decor.  Looking forward to shipping off to my friend and AOC instructor, Karen Vernon for the great ACT International Invitation 2016 exhibition she heads up in Texas! Cheers to you for all your hard work in supporting the arts and expanding art education!
Thank you for once again inviting Joe and me to be a part of the show. It is an honor!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Tyvek Beads

One of the techniques I love to teach in a collage or mixed media class is making Tyvek beads. These are simple little gems that can be made by the dozen in one sitting and can then be stored for the perfect moment to use in a collage or an encaustic piece. These are so simple to make and seem to add just the right focal point and texture to any work of art.

You start with a Tyvek envelope. You can purchase them at Staples or Office Max. Cut off all the gummed areas: self adhesive flap, gummed seam and bottom.

You are left with just the envelope material. Open it up flat and lay it down on a table. Now paint one side with a thin coat of acrylic paint. This is a great idea for left over paints at the end of the day or you can use a fresh color of your choice.

Set that aside to dry. Once it is dry, cut long strips of triangular shapes ranging from about 2 inches wide to a point.

These are the length of either the width of your opened envelope or the length. Your choice. Now, roll the triangle over a bamboo skewer or a chop stick starting at the wide end, rolling down to the point.

When you get to the point, place a small amount of gel medium underneath the point and adhere it to the rest of the “bead”. Now take the bead and while it is still on the skewer, wrap it with metal thread. You can find this at the fabric store.

Once your bead is wrapped with as much thread as you’d like, dab another bit of gel medium to hold the end in place. Once the bead is dry, set the bamboo skewer with the bead still on it, on a piece of tile or wood. You’ll just need something to protect your working surface from heat. Now using your heat gun, add heat to the bead. It will start to shrivel a little bit. Remember, the envelope is plastic, so it will melt as heat is applied, so don’t overdo it.

Once your bead is how you’d like it, let it cool a bit and take your fingers and scoot the bead off the bamboo skewer or chop stick. You can experiment with lots of different color combinations for the paints and thread. You can also mix and match with readymade beads for a playful necklace or colorful addition to any mixed media piece.
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Monday, August 3, 2015

Obsessed with creating

Lately, or maybe always: I have been obsessed with making stuff. I like to create art in collage and encaustic. I like to sew. I like to cook.
After all these years, I try to eat the right things, exercise, be spiritual, relax, meditate, listen to great music, smell the flowers, get lots of fresh air...you know. I try to be good to myself. I reduce, reuse and recycle. I think about the foods and products I put on the table and use in my house. I went for a really long time without even caring about what I put on my body as far as soaps and lotions go. Then I started reading labels.
Words I could not pronounce, much less spell correctly. What is that stuff anyway?
So that sort of lead me to creating my own lotions. I did a lot of research and experimentation with recipes and settled on my skin conditioner that is a huge hit! I now make all sorts of all natural lotions, or "skin conditioners" as I call them. They contain only real stuff. No preservatives or additives or extenders or anything weird. Just good wholesome products like coconut oil, aloe, vitamin E, essential and fragrance oils, apricot oil, etc.
All Natural Skin Conditioners made with products that are actually good for you! No additives! Nourish your body and protect your skin day and night while feeling smooth and smelling fresh! Three different sizes available to meet your home and travel needs with several delightful fragrances to choose from. 2 ounce, 4 ounce and 8 ounce sizes available in your favorite classic scents as well as interesting contemporary scents.

Skin Conditioners:
2 ounce: $3.50
4 ounce: $6.50
8 ounce: $12.75
Available in these scents:
Lavender Peppermint, Bourbon Sandalwood, Cucumber Melon, Exotic Pear, Fresh Bouquet, Full Elegance, Gardenia Jasmine, Lavender, Mango Grapefruit, Jasmine, Passionfruit Guava, Romantic Raspberry, Seashore, Strawberry, Tranquil Sunset, Vanilla and Wild Flower. 

If you're looking for a great product at a great price, please check these out. You can come by the studio to pick up or I will be happy to ship some to you.
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