Monday, November 2, 2009

"Tricky Weekend"

Starting on Friday, we all dressed up at work and ate more chocolate than usual...

Trader Joe's finally opened with record customers spilling out the front doors and lined up to the back with their carts full of healthy stuff and Three Buck Chuck. Back at Jerry's, we were all hustling and bustling ourselves on this exciting weekend!

Joe did a demo Friday painting on paper (above) and Carissa (The Lumberjack), Christina (Little Red Riding Hood) and I (The Graduate) were busy with some of the final preparations for Art of the Carolinas.

Saturday (Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit), I did a demo at the store on Jacquard's Lumiere paints. Yes, I'm in a toga, but hey, it's Halloween! All I could think of was: If John Belushi can do it, so can I!

Getting set up for the product demo

Explaining the product and the application I use...

Clarifying heat set techniques...

Let the fun begin!

Customers got to test out the Lumiere paints on black fabric and
black illustration board...

Some of our creations we made!
Thanks to everyone who came out to participate!

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