Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Workshop in Indianapolis!

Here we are in Indianapolis where Joe is offering a 3-day workshop to the folks at the Indianapolis Watercolor Society: Abstract Aquamedia Workshop. Thanks Marianne for suggesting Joe as one of the instructors! And thank you Marcia and Valerie for taking such great care of us! What a fantastic group of very talented students:
Here are some photos of these happy painters:

Anne and Julie






Joe signing one of his paintings




Linda and Marcia










Mark's work in progress
We hope to see you all at Art of the Carolinas 2011!
If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us. Joe -
And if you need any awesome art supplies, check out
Thanks again!
Sharon and Joe DiGiulio

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Collages on Claybord!

Hello blog friends. Hope you've been having a great summer so far and finding creative ways to beat the heat! I'm finding that this morning the best way is to geek out a bit on my computer with the A/C and fan in high gear. Quite comfortable, actually.
I am finally posting some of my most recent collages. These are very colorful and some of them very textured, using Ampersand's Claybord and some fabulous new imported papers from Nepal, via Jerry's Artarama! These papers are so fun to work with! The colors are just to die for. I love doing collage on the claybord too, the surface is nice and hard and you don't have to deal with the flex you get from a regular stretched canvas.
So, here are the pieces:
#513 16 x 20 Framed

#514 16 x 20 Framed

#515 16 x 20 Framed

#516 16 x 20 Framed

#517 16 x 20 Framed

#518 16 x 20 Framed

#519 16 x 20 Framed

#520 16 x 20 Framed

#521 16 x 20 Framed

#522 16 x 20 Framed

#523 16 x 20 Framed

#524 14 x 18 Framed - SOLD

#525 16 x 20 Framed

#526 16 x 20 Framed - SOLD

#527 16 x 20 Framed SOLD

#528 14 x 18 Framed

Please let me know what you think!
Have a fabulous and creative weekend!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Art of the Carolinas!

The Web site is up and registration for classes is OPEN!
Check it out.

Here is the video as well: