Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I am such a lucky girl. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people. I have a loving husband who has put up with me for over 20 years…(shouldn't he get a prize or something?), a son who has no choice in the matter (he’s GOT to love his mom and he does!) and lots of family and lots of friends. Thank you all so much for your love and support. I am inspired every day by each one of you. You all make me want to strive for my best. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough time in a day to accomplish all the ideas swirling in my head. I seem to always think about this as I get another year older…tick, tick, tick! Is there enough time left to do all the things I want to do? Geez, I hope so! Thank you all. I promise I’ll have a great day of creating and rolling around in the snow. xoxo

Okay, so here are some of my photos from the day: I did have a great day of creating. I did NOT roll around in the snow. I did walk out to the mail box only to find a check (yeh!) and a birthday card. 

These are some of the fabrics I used in making the Bali Bowl. (Thanks Cindy Lou!) and I'm ironing them...

This is the sewing process. Try not to knot everything up and make a total mess.

The finished piece. More like a Bali Vessel as opposed to a Bali Bowl. Whatever! It's pretty big. Measures 11" in diameter across the bottom.
Here's another shot... 

These are my two donations for Lodi Project for Haiti
Please come out and show your support!

And lastly, these are some buttons/embellishments I worked on yesterday:
These will be added to my bags available at Nicole Kennedy Galley
and ArtSource Gallery, both of Raleigh, NC, once I can get there due to the snow!
So, yes, I am happy and grateful to be another year older.
Life is Good!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some photos

As promised, I am posting some photos from over the holidays and some of the creations made in the studio this new year, etc:

Encaustic paintings

Some purses I made

Cindy, Marge, me, Emmy at the farm

Cindy, Zach, Emmy, Joe and me

On the front porch: Mike, Emily, Pia, Nick, Bonnie, Doug, Matt and me

Zach and me making silly faces!

Emily and JP

Happy Birthday BooBoo! (Nick turned 26 on Christmas Eve, 2009)

The stockings were hung on the stairway with care...

Carol reloads her marshmallow gun

Christmas dinner. (Joe's taking the photo)

Cindy Lou creating in our studio

Her creation!

Sewing on my painted fabric

My almost finished piece

Carol and me on New Year's Eve at her house

Mike and Joe, New Year's Eve

Me and my "Y" at the Alphabet Soup Opening at the LoDi Project reception
Joe and his "H" at the Alphabet Soup Opening at the LoDi Project reception

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010! Can you believe it?
I just needed to write a quick note to let you know I haven't run away.
We enjoyed a fantastic Christmas this year!
There were at least 12 stockings hung out at the Meyer farm.
We ate lots of great food! Everyone pitched in, so we got to taste lots of yummy treats.
The family room upstairs was so stuffed with goodies, I'm not sure how Santa got himself around in there!
Anyway, a great time was had by all and it was great seeing the whole family and friends once again.
I'll post some photos later. I've been having so much fun with my time off!
I have had all kinds of fun playing in the studio, even though it's FREEZING out there!
Joe and I toast it up first, then plug in the iPod and off we go...
I had an absolute blast working out there over vacation with my sister Cindy.
SO MUCH FUN creating with you!
Again, I'll post some of our creations later.
I think I took over 600 photos over the holidays, so I need to dig through and grab some highlights!
Now, I have to face the music and get back to work...