Monday, March 28, 2011

Jam Packed March Madness!

Friday was the beginning of Sterling's 3-day watercolor workshop at the store. Lots of students flew or drove in to study with Sterling Edwards in our classroom at Jerry's Artarama. Here are a few photos from the workshop:

Watching a demonstration

One of Sterling's demonstartion pieces. I LOVE the colors!

And his delightful sunflowers:

Friday night, Joe and I drove down to Southern Pines for my (The Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild's) opening for our current challenge: Take 25. What a great show! And Jean has filled Artist Alley chock full of really cool items. I need to make a trip down there again when I have more time to look at all the art and SHOP!
Here are some photos from that night:

From left: Lucy, Lynn, me, Penny and Michelle

Here is my challenge piece...

Here are some photos of my demo pieces I collaged at the store on Saturday during my demo on Ampersand boards and our new Nepal papers:

The above pieces are 5 x 7 and the ones below are 3 x 4

Now, since I have the day off today, I've been working in the studio on some more 16 x 20 Clayboard pieces. Here's one that's good to go...

AND, I finally got a chance to work on my chair for the auction. Here are some photos of it - (almost done!)

The auction has a theme this year of "Movies". Since I don't really paint realistically, I decided to hand paint the top 101 movies all over the chair...If you look closely, you'll probably see your favorite film of all time! Now I just have to sign it, varnish it and I'm done!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Latest and Greatest Happenings - March 2011

Here are a couple of photos from my workshop today at Jerry's : Creative Collage Techniques. We had ten wildly talented and energetic women in the workshop. What a whirlwind! Loads of fun and all in just three hours! (Okay...maybe four) But a great time was had by all. We crammed all kinds of techniques into this short period of time! Thanks ladies.

Looking forward to our next creative session together! Hey, if you want to learn a few more tips and techniques, stop by tomorrow at the Raleigh store for my free demo from 1pm - 4pm. I will be highlighting our Nepal papers and Ampersand boards...

Here are some of my new collages using some of my hand painted papers, Nepal papers, Paper bags as well as some of my hand made stamps!
These are the beginning pieces of a new collection I'm working on...
All of them on Ampersand boards of assorted kinds, our new Nepal papers...
Such fun to work on! I'm also experimenting with different compositions. Now all I need is more free time.
Got any?
Wednesday, March 23rd, Heather, Christina and I headed over to the JC Arboretum and met up with some of the folks from the US Fish and Wildlife Services. We were fortunate enough to once again be asked to help judge the participants of the Junior Duckstamp Competition. Hundreds of kids from all over the state enter delightful pieces for this annual competion. The winner, "Best in Show" is shipped to the national competition. Thanks to everyone for their entries! It is always such a delight to see these pieces...

Here are just a few of the entries:

Here is one of my favorites! I referred to it as "The Tree Crasher"

And here is "The Best in Show"

Lastly, I entered a Fabric Swatch Swap with Cloth Paper Scissors just this past week. The deadline is this coming Monday and I actually met the deadline! I'm very proud of myself for that small accomplishment, as I have a ton of things going on, so "woot woot" to me! We were to paint, alter, sew, decorate or do whatever to a piece of fabric, 18" x 36", then cut it into 9" squares for entry into the swap. In return, we will receive a set of 6 different and random 9" x 9" swatches made by someone else in the mail. I'm really looking forward to these pieces and hope to make something fun for my wall with my newly acquired fabrics! Keep posted for updates! Here is a photo of my fabric almost completed and not cut yet...

This is done with the Lumiere paints, handmade stamps and black fabric.

So, tomorrow morning, Sterling Edwards arrives for the beginning of a three day workshop at the store! I know there are many excited students that won't be able to sleep tonight, just knowing they get to study with a really fabulous "life lover" artist friend of mine - for three whole days!

Friday night is our opening in Southern Pines at Artist Alley for the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guils "Take 25" Challenge! I'll post some photos of the pieces and event once I have them. (The entries are still a secret!) off to get into some trouble of some sort...???

Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Sanford Photos!










Some photos of our work in progress:
Great Job Ladies!

Friday, March 11th, eight artists headed up to North Raleigh Christian Academy for their Spring Arts Festival. They included Lou Ann Overman, Wyn Easton, Allen Montague, Alan Clement, Bob Ostrom, Diana Coidan, Penny Arrowood and myself! We all presented to two different groups of kids in both Middle School and High School that were there from several areas. A great time was had by all, as we shared our knowledge in Watercolor, Oil painting, Acrylics, Sculpture, Cartooning, Pastels, Bookmaking, Collage and Encaustics. Unfortunately, on the way there, my waterbottle leaked and ruined my camera, so no photos...Guess I should learn to pack a bit better.

Monday, March 7, 2011

March is here!

I love this month. It seems like everything we have all been waiting for, happens. Birds, flowers, warmer weather, people waking up from their long winter naps, and the possibility of getting back to the beach soon! This is also a very hectic time for all of us. My “to do” list just keeps getting longer and longer. Art of the Carolinas is in the beginning stages, but “ever looming”. I’ve already started waking up in the middle of the night thinking about AOC…

My new friend Madeline came out to the studio for a little one on one “Collage Therapy”. God knows we all need it every now and then…
Here is a shot of the two of us.

And here is a piece that Madeline just sent to me that she did at her home studio, based on what she learned:

Way to go girl!

Last weekend, we celebrated Christina’s upcoming wedding with a Bridal Shower hosted by Christina’s sister-in-law to be, Elizabeth. Here is a shot of the lovely Xtina!

I taught a workshop this past Friday and Saturday in Sanford with some of the Sanford Brush and Palette members. We had a little “Collage Therapy”. This is one of my favorite classes to teach, because it is all very experimental. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you just let it happen and learn to discover things!

Here are a couple of photos from the class...(more to come!)

Thank you ladies! I always have so much fun with such a lively are the best!
I’m still working on my secret challenge for the guild. I made a ton of progress on Sunday, as I spent the entire day in the studio! I think I can get it completed in a couple more hours… This is due on March 10th, so I’m hoping I can meet the deadline! Tick, tick, tick! Here is a sneak preview:

I also have some new bags underway. I have an order for 10 of them, so I just started cutting them out this morning.

I will be taking my show down at The Gilded Palette today. That really is a nice gallery. If you didn’t make it up there yet, you should.

I’ve got an upcoming workshop at Jerry’s Artarama, Thursday, March 10th - Fun with Acrylic Image Transfers. Check it out. Come on and join us for this fascinating and very fun way to put your old photos to use…

Well, I guess that’s it for now.

Whew! Will post some more in a bit!