Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello August!

My latest collage
Hello there blog friends! Hope this finds you all in the middle of absolute creativity heaven. I was there for the entire month of July. WOW! You know, this creative life is really a great one. I just can’t imagine a life any other way. We really have to take a moment every now and then and thank our Higher Power for all the gifts that are showered on each of us…

July was filled with family, friends, workshops, painting, sewing, tie dyeing t-shirts, a girls couple of days out to the beach, more workshops, show deadlines and openings, sales (yeh, sales!), demonstrations, lots of photo opportunities, laughter, love and exercise! Oh and some weed pulling and relaxing walks on the beach. That about sums up my July. I tried to cram everything in to this one little month and I think I did a fairly good job. Oh, and finishing up the Web site for Art of the Carolinas and getting the brochure (almost) to the printer. Actually, today is the day for that. But, if you want to save your spot NOW in the workshop you have to have in November, you can sign up now. Registration is well underway, so check it out.
Here are a few photos from July...

Fourth of July Feast
Matt Dog
Miss Bella
JP, Cindy Lou and Me
The Album Cover: Joe, Dougy, Carol and JP

Kera and Mike
Zach in a Nut Shell
In the pool at theAdams Luau
Bryan being normal again
A Stormy Night in Rodanthe
Getting ready to tie dye
Nick, DeShaun, Zach
Dougy in the Barn
Frankie's new mullet haircut
The three Amigas: Cindy Lou, Me and Lynn (Husetta)
Blue Chairs in Hatteras

Bonnie and Bella
What a wonderful family filled creative month! Bring on the next one, I'm ready!
I really did some more artwork, I swear!


  1. A month to Remembah. Great pics, now send me the rest.
    Dita Maria Hussetta

  2. Yes! July was a GREAT month. Now I'll working on August...Too fun so far!