Monday, June 14, 2010

Just a few announcements

Hello there Blog friends!
I wanted to make a quick post to congratulate the recipients of the Jerry's Artarama Awards at FALC 2010!
I chose the winners once again this year for these awards and trust me, it was no small task. Some really wonderful works were juried in. If you have not seen the show yet, please see if you can get by to take a look. Great sculpture, paintings and photography. Click on the link above for more information. Here are the winners I chose...

Kathryn Cook

Eleanor Edwards-Smith

Toni Lindahl

Wendy Musser
Congratulations to all four winners of the Jerry's Artarama awards! Outstanding Job!

Next, I want to invite you all to see my interview posted on the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild Blog.
I am the featured artist this month! Check it out and tell me what you think!
For those of you that don't know, the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild is made up of some very talented, sharing and caring women. You may have met some of them at Art of the Carolinas the past couple of years! Great group if you're interested in pursuing your love of mixed media!

Happy Anniversary to Joe and me!
We've been married for 18 years now and together for 22!
Imagine that. Here we are in a porch portrait with kitty.

Cheers to us!


  1. You, darling Diva, are AMAZING! Congrats on all that you have going on; and thanks for the 'plug' ;-) Looking forward to seeing you, soon!
    - p

  2. Thank you for stopping by Penny! I know how crazy busy you stay...Sometimes that just feels right, right? See you soon

  3. Congrats and happy anniversary to you and Joe!
    Thanks for the CMMAG shout out, and I'm glad you enjoyed doing the interview--it's always fun to learn a little bit more about our fellow members--'loved your comments about being creative, and the images you chose to accompany the text.
    See you soon, I hope.


  4. Thank YOU Michelle for posting the blog for CMMAG! It really is a great way to get to know each other better. Seems we have grown so much over the past couple of years! It's hard to keep up, so thank you!

  5. Happy Anniversary to both you & Joe!!

  6. Thanks Susanna! And thanks for stopping by...