Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some new art!

As I noted yesterday, I really have been doing some art through all the other craziness, so I wanted to post a few images. I'll probably put all images on my Facebook page...
This is the beginning of a new art quilt...still in progress. This is about 24 x 24 right now. I started this when my sister was in town and we actually stole some time to play in the studio!

A collage on Ampersand Claybord cradle

Another collage

This is a larger collage...18 x 24

One of 6 in a series of cards...

I am trying to focus on making items of all different sizes, both in collage and fabric for an upcoming show in September. Art in the Gardens will be held at Duke Hospital. I'll post more information about the show as I receive it. I'm working on lots of items now, because I know I'll be all twisted up in the prep of Art of the Carolinas at that time. Prepare now! Thanks for stopping by!

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