Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Enjoying the heck out of Summer!

Had a nice visit with Bob Burridge while he was in town teaching at Jerry’s Artarama. He and Joe and I went to 42nd Street, one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, then off to The Station on PersonStreet. Just happened in on a Wednesday which is half price wine night – bingo!

Next, Joe had a workshop in our studio for a wonderful group of talented artists that meet together as a group once a week. This workshop was designed just for them and Joe was able to offer some great new painting techniques for them to explore.  If this format is intriguing to you, please be sure to contact me and we can set up the same for your group too! Email me: Sharon_digiulio@yahoo.com for details!

Visited my friend Lisa Stroud’s new studio at her home. WOW. I mean totally fantastic and inspirational. It’s always fun spending time with my artist friends!

Then off to my annual Beach Retreat at Atlantic Beach with Kim Maselli and her mom, Pat Connolly. Talk about some fabulous friends! These gals, as well as daughters, sister and Pat’s husband offered a loving, relaxing, restful retreat to about 30 of us this year! The best part is you can do what you want. They offer all sorts of activities and information: art, yoga, reflection, meditation, you name it. Definitely something I will continue doing year after year.

I put together a show of about 20 pieces for cimos. Cimos is a wonderful little eclectic shop in downtown Raleigh. A must see if you are in the area! The show will be up for another month and if you’d like to stop by this First Friday, September 5th, I will be there from 8pm-10pm!

Next was wedding #3 for the summer! Mike and Kera tied the knot on August 2, 2014! What a beautiful setting and just the right venue. Absolutely wonderful. Congratulations you two!
  Hartman Outdoor Photography

Now, off to Dobson, NC…Joe and Sterling Edwards offered a week long workshop to 20 fantastic artists! Boy oh boy, talk about a jam packed week of art! Lots of demonstrations, painting up a storm and friendship was had by all. 

We are so looking forward to next year too! For the first time, Joe and I will be teaching a week long workshop together! Dueling DiGiulios! Won’t you join us? Mark your calendars now: Monday – Friday, August 3-7, 2015 at the Hampton Inn in Dobson, NC just down the street from the Shelton Vineyard. Email Sharon_digiulio@yahoo.com for details.

Art of the Carolinas is right around the corner…for me anyway! I have been working on this baby for 14 years now. AOC 2014 is sure to be another excellent place to learn some new painting skills, create new friendships, share your passions and pick up some killer deals on art supplies! The trade show is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 14-16, 2014 and workshops begin on Thursday the 13th and run through Sunday the 16th. Please visit www.artofthecarolinas.com for all details!

Relaxing at the NC beach is always a good thing. Rain and wind will not stop us! Pouring rains and flooded highways greeted us in Topsail Beach. But have no fear! The skies cleared soon enough and allowed for some blissfully scenic kayak trips as well as some absolutely beautiful sunsets over the sound.

 And actually just hanging out at the beach on the shore playing with the sand is oh so therapeutic! Just what the doctor ordered…especially hanging out with my favorite sister in the world! Thanks Cindy Lou! In addition to gathering inspiration, we were able to do a little artwork while we were there as well…

Next was some studio time with my friend Michelle. We like to get together at least once a month and do something creative. Sometimes we’ll work on the same thing using the same products and sometimes we’ll do completely different explorations as we want. This time Michelle was messing around with alcohol inks and Yupo paper. I did that for a bit, then went off on a polymer gloss medium tangent…

And now for a Friday night date with my man: Off to 42nd Street for some fresh seafood and a Dirty Hendricks Martini with 3 olives please...

This past Sunday I hosted a group of art instructors at my studio to get together and just talk about some of the challenges that come up as a business owner, art instructor and artist. 
There was some great discussion going on and lots of ideas and information shared among us. I love this group of gals. Thanks ladies! I hope we can continue getting together and supporting each other on our different yet similar paths!

That’s it for now. Until next time, Happy Painting!

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