Monday, July 14, 2014

Inspiration is everywhere...

Joe and I were fortunate enough to spend the 4th of July weekend with some great friends at their place at Lake James! Too much fun! We had some great food and lots of wine. Lots of sunshine and kayak adventures. Out on the pontoon to our own little private swimming hole. And way too much laughing. It was definitely a fun time! And oh so beautiful. It always amazes me. The beauty we are surrounded with daily. I am now more than ever, really taking the time to stop in my tracks and take a look at what this wonderful world has to offer. It's pretty crazy how just a sunrise can nearly take your breath away. Or how some flowers stop you dead in your tracks just so you can smell the sweet fragrance. Or how some great fireworks and bad photos of them inspire me for abstract paintings!
Here are a couple of photos from last weekend...


Heading over to Goat Island

Kind of a crummy photo, but great inspiration for an encaustic abstract!

This one too! (I have about 20 to choose from)
This is why I LOVE digital cameras!

And now for a little food porn...

This was by far the most magical sunrise EVER:

And lastly -  Here's Bryon's new magic trick: walking on water

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  1. Oh, how I love these pics!!! Can't wait to see where the inspiration takes you!!!