Monday, April 14, 2014

Pay it Forward!

This year I am taking part in another Pay it Forward. This is an effort to share something with five people that agree to participate as well. As you can see, this turns into a wonderful chain of giving, sharing and connecting with others in this on line community in which we all live.

I love this concept, because I think in a weird way we are so disconnected with one another. However in having this discussion with one of my art buddies, Michelle Davis-Petelinz, her take on the whole thing is that we are even more connected. She was saying that now we really get to know our Facebook friends or our blogging buddies so much more than ever before. We can share our interests, passions, recipes, photos, home improvement ideas, artwork so much more easily now. It really is quite a blessing when you think about it!
At any rate, I love this Pay it Forward concept because it puts me in the giving mood. Whether I give a piece of art, a book, send a postcard, a pair of earrings, whatever! I like the fact that it can be anything. And you have the entire year to complete your five gifts.

Right now I have four participants and as of this post, am still looking for one more!

Here is a link to the original Facebook posting if you'd like to be #5. (You must sign up on the Facebook page to participate!)

Maybe you'd like to play?

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