Monday, June 2, 2014

Birthdays, weddings, showers! Oh my!

May that is...
Keeping up with my calendar was very interesting! I think I worked in the studio just a couple of times in May besides wrapping presents!
I did manage to get some new handmade fabric bags to Cimos in downtown Raleigh. If you have not been there, please check it out! Great little gift shop on Hargett next to Adam Cave's gallery...

Then here are some shots of the birthdays and weddings:
Here is Marge. Happy birthday Girl!

And Cindy Lou with her new redneck wine glasses...

Congratulations Blake and Sarah!

That's my boy on the far left... He sure cleans up nice doesn't he?

Kayaking at Lake Wheeler (click on photo for full view)

Dougy's catch!

Emmy's catch! Congratulations to Emily and Dragos!!!
(Click on photo for full view)

Zach and his calf, Norman.
Okay so that was a crazy month! Also painted the deck and put in new flooring. Oh and finished the schedule for AOC 2014! Now I just have to build the Web site...whew.
One big whopping thank you to Ophelia for telling me about this app or this post would have been WAY longer!


  1. I always enjoy your very busy times!!! I love your photos....and I really like the bags you made!!!

    1. Thanks for visiting Ophelia! Speaking of very busy times...

  2. Congrats on making it through your extremely busy May, and YAY, Norman!!

    1. And we're almost half way through June! Time flies when you're having FUN! See you soon!