Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just scribbling like a 5 year old!

Yep, that's what I did...scribble like a five year old! And you know what? It was kind of freeing. I don't care what I think about it. I don't care what you think about it. I can scribble if I want to. I think I'm finally realizing that sometimes I care too much about the end result of everything. Do I really have to care? NO!
So, at any rate, I scribbled and painted these last night in the studio.
Just messing around with markers, colored pencils, graphite pencils and a little bit of paint on full size sheets of watercolor paper.
No direction.
No care.
No worries.
It was fun.
You should try it!



  1. Scribble ON! These look GREAT. Will they become magical collage fodder? Looks like leads o' fun ;)

  2. Fodder and therapy all in one session!!!

  3. Love these Sharon! Keep scribbling.

  4. Will do Liz...it's really great fun and freeing. I think I forgot how to play for hot minute!

  5. I really like your scribbles....Really like them!!!

  6. Thanks Ophelia! We still need to get together you know!