Monday, March 10, 2014


Recently I spent a little time in the studio. I'm trying to clean up, organize and get some items together for my upcoming workshops. I discovered so many cool items I have collected over the years for collage! Oh my! Usually when I get ready to do a workshop or a demo, I grab a bag of stuff that I have stashed in a ziploc bag called "Bag-O-Collage". This bag contains bits and pieces of everything: cards, stamps, fabric, decorative papers, cardboard, playing cards, wallpaper, book pages, crossword puzzle pages, string, and other assorted goodies. This is sort of my go to bag to get me jump started with an idea, a color scheme or a certain direction. Take this bag and add it to your hand painted papers, personally embellished items and acrylic paint and you will be amazed at the results! I have decide to start making these bags available for purchase! They are $10 each! Right now I have about 20 bags ready with more to come in the coming weeks. I think this will help to free up some working space in my studio as I share some of my stash with you all. Contact me if you're interested.


    Because, I just NEED more stuff!!! and, this just looks like a bag of awesomeness!!!

  2. You got it girl! We need to meet up for coffee so I can bring you the magic lotion and a bag-o-collage! Let me know when it works for you!!!