Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Productive Weekend!

Well, I had a great weekend in spite of the fact we didn't go anywhere or see anyone or have a cookout or go to the beach or go swimming or any of that fun stuff. I (without really thinking ahead) had gum surgery earlier this week on Thursday on one side. Recovery is SLOW! Three days of a liquid diet, then 10 days of soft, mushy foods...then I go back and get the other side done! Bottom line here is I had lots of studio time. So, when I was feeling up to it, I went out to the studio and created! Yeh! Thank God for art supplies and the inner need to create...
Here is this weekend's haul:

I made this cute little baby blanket for James and Heidi's new baby girl on the way. Set to arrive on July 8th, she'll be #5 for them! It's so much fun to make a quilt when you have someone to think about and make it for.

Next, as you may know, I'm working on a series of 16 x 20 Collage pieces on Claybord. I think I have 14 completed at this point in time! Six more to go and I will reach my goal of 20 pieces. Two are on display at Nicole Kennedy's Gallery. One of them I will be sending up to my class reunion in July. I won't be able to make it personally because that is the same weekend Joe's workshop is in Indianapolis. So...they are having an auction and I thought one of these would be perfect for that. If anyone is interested, they are each framed up in either a cherry or mahogany wood frame and sell for $350. Here is a photo below of the most recent six I finished up this weekend:

I will also have these posted on my Web site soon! :)

Last week, I dropped off fifteen Encaustic pieces at ArtSource Gallery. I'm really loving encaustic painting. Can't wait to get back in the studio to do more...
Well, that's it for now. I worked yesterday, Memorial Day, getting set to dive in head first on Art of the Carolinas 2011. The Web site should be up and running in about a month, so please mark your calendars now and check back for more details!

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