Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Cindy Lou and Lynn!

(Late post...)
My sister Cindy and our friend from Costa Rica, Lynn Cannella, are here celebrating their birthday week. That’s right, you see Taurus born people are very generous and they love to have lots of joy in their lives, especially around their birthdays. The joy all began on Saturday, April 30th when they arrived. We have been having loads of fun working out at the farm, relaxing and hanging out.

Tuesday night we went to a Mudcats game and were able to get all of our energy out by yelling and singing at the game. Way too much fun! The Mudcats won 6-0 against the Biscuits! Ha ha, can you imagine being a 24 year old baseball player trying to be cool and playing for the “Biscuits”?! Too funny!

Yesterday, my day off, we “arted” all day long in the studio at the farm. Lynn had her first shot at collage and ended up with a very nice piece. It took some “collage therapy” to get her through a tough day, but it worked! Cindy showed me her new found batik skills and each of us worked on four pieces! At 6pm we were NOT ready to stop, but were completely exhausted. All in all it was a “winning!” day…Ha ha! Thanks Charlie!

Birthday lunch at Upper Crust with the Taurus Gang...

Lastly, I want to post a couple of photos of our dear friend Dave Cannella. We will miss you DooWah!

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  1. Looks like you gals had a blast! Happy belated birthday wishes to "sissy'! ...hate I missed her on this trip.