Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Almost JUNE?!

Hello there Friends!
Had a fabulous experimenting day in the studio today. Heather was supposed to come and play too but her doggie got sick and is at the vet. Get well soon Kiwi!
Had a request from one of our vendors and our video department to do some collography.
Well, actually, I had never done it before, but I have heard of it. It's sort of a combination of collage and printmaking...both of which are right up my alley, so I just HAD to try it!
Well...I think I may have found yet another addiction! I'm telling you, this is just SO MUCH FUN! Things do take a little while to dry, but once you get your "plate" made, you are good to go!
Here are a few shots from the work I did today:

Here is a shot of phase one: Highly textured boards, dried and sealed with varnish so you can paint on them, print with them, then wash them off for future use.

Here is a shot of the top plate in the photo above painted and ready to print.

A sneak peek...

Three different images printed from the same plate.

All in a day's work...
I was in the studio ALL DAY and it was FANTASTIC!

Hear is a photo from a couple of weeks ago. Out with some friends, Wyette and Rob at Yadkin Valley Vineyards. If you haven't been there...what a treat! We visited about five different wineries. Great wine, great food, great friends, great weekend!

Joey and me at Shelton Vineyards


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