Monday, March 7, 2011

March is here!

I love this month. It seems like everything we have all been waiting for, happens. Birds, flowers, warmer weather, people waking up from their long winter naps, and the possibility of getting back to the beach soon! This is also a very hectic time for all of us. My “to do” list just keeps getting longer and longer. Art of the Carolinas is in the beginning stages, but “ever looming”. I’ve already started waking up in the middle of the night thinking about AOC…

My new friend Madeline came out to the studio for a little one on one “Collage Therapy”. God knows we all need it every now and then…
Here is a shot of the two of us.

And here is a piece that Madeline just sent to me that she did at her home studio, based on what she learned:

Way to go girl!

Last weekend, we celebrated Christina’s upcoming wedding with a Bridal Shower hosted by Christina’s sister-in-law to be, Elizabeth. Here is a shot of the lovely Xtina!

I taught a workshop this past Friday and Saturday in Sanford with some of the Sanford Brush and Palette members. We had a little “Collage Therapy”. This is one of my favorite classes to teach, because it is all very experimental. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you just let it happen and learn to discover things!

Here are a couple of photos from the class...(more to come!)

Thank you ladies! I always have so much fun with such a lively are the best!
I’m still working on my secret challenge for the guild. I made a ton of progress on Sunday, as I spent the entire day in the studio! I think I can get it completed in a couple more hours… This is due on March 10th, so I’m hoping I can meet the deadline! Tick, tick, tick! Here is a sneak preview:

I also have some new bags underway. I have an order for 10 of them, so I just started cutting them out this morning.

I will be taking my show down at The Gilded Palette today. That really is a nice gallery. If you didn’t make it up there yet, you should.

I’ve got an upcoming workshop at Jerry’s Artarama, Thursday, March 10th - Fun with Acrylic Image Transfers. Check it out. Come on and join us for this fascinating and very fun way to put your old photos to use…

Well, I guess that’s it for now.

Whew! Will post some more in a bit!


  1. Woman, I wonder if you EVER sleep! You have so much cool, artful stuff going on :-) Love the updates, and hope to see you Thursday!

  2. Penny:
    I HAVE to have my 8 hours or I can't function...seriously! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sharon,
    I just admire you so much! Your dedication, lovely work and great ideas... your love for what you do, it compels me to work harder, and try over and over again. Thank you for the great "Collage Therapy" session we had, it changed the way I used to play with paint!!! Love it! Hope to do it again soon. :)

  4. Madeline: Good on YOU for stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking on something new! Great job!

  5. As usual...your post wear me out!!! I too have been thinking about Art of the Carolinas! I wish it were here already!! I can hardly wait!!