Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm back!

The days of January gone by! I sometimes wonder about how quickly life goes by these days...I guess that's what it's all about, right? I truly try to enjoy it all, but I'm telling you, it sure races on by when you're not even looking!

Usually in January I try to reflect on the previous year and make plans for the coming one. Well 2014 just slammed that first month down. The major change for me is that I am now working from home! This is such a sweet opportunity for me. As you may know, I started my own business in April, 2013 - DiGiulio Project. I have my own office (with a window!) where I can plan Art of the Carolinas (my main gig), work on promoting DiGiulio Studios (both for Joe and me) and then also try and expand on our workshop offerings and art around the country. In addition to all of that, I also create artwork in my studio when I can steal some time.

Plans are well underway for AOC 2014 with a few surprises in store. I have also been working on print material for DiGiulio Studios. I just finished my first workshop of the year and Joe finished his  first one last weekend in Calabash, NC! Click here to see the schedule we have so far. My big project and also my word for 2014 is ORGANIZE!

The story of my life...organize. That's a tough one for me only because of my interests. That's what an Aquarian is. Interested in EVERYTHING! I try to focus in on one thing, but it just doesn't work. I think I love a lot of things only because I get bored easily. That's why I do acrylics, collage, sew, work in encaustics, like to do things with my hands and power tools, I also have a thing for jewelry - although I haven't done that in maybe a year or so...

I've been meaning to go through my clothes and organize: aka - get rid of the stuff I don't wear... Well, that became a reality earlier in the week because my closet shelves fell down! Ha ha. Funny how the universe has to scream at you sometimes just so you'll listen. So I spent a good part of my time sifting through everything, trying stuff on, throwing stuff into bags to go to Goodwill and other stuff in a pile to go to consignment.

The good news is Joe fixed my closet shelves and that part of my life is back in order. My office is completely set up and functioning. I have my new "Command Central" and just love it!

One other thing that I have been doing new this year is making green smoothies in my Magic Bullet. OMG! These are pretty awesome. I'm feeling a ton better and have more energy that ever. My basic recipe is one part apple, one part kale, one part spinach, and one part frozen raspberries. Layer into the blender and fill almost half way with liquid. I use apple juice, cranberry juice, coconut water, orange juice or just water. Then I add just a tad of fresh ginger root for a little "zing". Blend it all up and enjoy! I always use apples, kale and spinach, then switch the other ingredients up: celery, carrots, avocado, peaches, lettuce, frozen mango, frozen blueberries, frozen banana...I like the "frozen" quarter of the smoothie because it chills the drink and makes it more like a treat first thing in the morning. Depending on the ingredients, it may turn out to be a god awful color, but will taste absolutely delicious!!!
Good luck and enjoy!
More to come as I play catch up...


  1. Funny about the universe screaming, isn't it?! I'm glad you got at least that portion of your world squared away. And, I can vouch for the yumminess of your smoothie...yes, the color was kind of odd, but the taste was great, and so healthy, too! 'Looking forward to our day of play next month. Keep going, girl.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Michelle! See you in March if not before...

  3. Welcome back ;) ...always good to 'see' you, virtually or 'for realz!' I may have to cave, and get in on this smoothie business -- that sounds phenomenal!
    Gotta scoot -- the Universe is screaming...