Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Cindy Lou!

I'm a little all over the place in May! Trying to catch up from April and be present in May...Just finished celebrating Marge's birthday yesterday in Greenville and now it's time to celebrate Cindy Lou's today! Happy Birthday Ladies!
Marge: May 2, Cindy Lou: May 5, Lynn: May 7, Katie: May 19
Cheers to you all ladies!

Happy May! I’ve been in the studio several times these past couple of weeks. Sort of doing lots of things: Cleaning up, sorting, and making collages, painting papers, experimenting, organizing - basically doing a little bit of everything. I’ve also been cleaning up my office. What I’ve found is that I have so much stuff and so many ideas, that I just need to CREATE! I’ve been writing things down in my journal, so I have plenty of ideas and directions; it’s just a matter of doing all of them. So, I must make a list and get busy. I’m also in a challenge to drop some of this extra weight I’ve been carrying around. So, that gives me extra motivation and reason: No excuses! Just do it!
 April was fun. Cindy and Doug came up for a visit, which means the whole family comes together to celebrate. That’s always a great thing; especially at the farm. You always get that “Ahhhhhh” feeling when you wake up at the farm, whether it’s Christmas morning or Spring or the middle of the Summer. It’s just a really refreshing feeling. We enjoyed a good solid week and two weekends of fun, friendship, food and relaxation! We even stole some time to head to the studio to create.


And here is a photo of my sweet Frankie...I will definitely miss you.
We celebrated Joe’s birthday on April 23rd! Got him a beer making kit! I’m thinking that will keep him out of trouble for a while and put his cooking and baking skills to work for a good cause! Can’t wait to get going on that…I think it will be fun for me too…Happy Birthday Joe! May we have many more wonderful years together!

My friend Lisa cleaned out her studio and gifted me with a bag of inspiration! Here is one of the several collages I did with the new stash of stuff:
Here are some others underway…
                                                                            Thanks Lisa!
Well that's it for to the studio!

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