Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What ha happen?

Everything comes and goes so quickly...

I know it has been forever since my last post…almost a month! But trust me, I’ve been busy. Making bags and collages, learning how to videotape, taking lots of photos, creating greeting cards, having outdoor shows indoors because of the tornados, teaching workshops, starting the planning process for Art of the Carolinas 2011, jumping on new opportunities (exciting!), celebrating birthdays and celebrating life in general, playing with fabric and luscious new papers…
That about sums up my month of April so far anyway! I’ve had loads of fun and have kept my projects going and growing!
Now I’ll get a bit more specific if you’re interested…
My assistant and co-worker, Christina is now married! She left for two weeks getting married, honeymooning and having a great time in the Keys with her fabulous Harry! So, congratulations to you both! Best wishes for a long, happy, healthy life together. Here is a photo of the bags Christina ordered for all of her girls in the wedding party and family:

Joe and I currently have a show at The Upper Crust Pie and Bakery here in Raleigh. Meghan who used to work with me is now helping her mom out at this yummy place! They serve breakfast, lunch and now dinner. Great food! Great vibe! Joe has five large abstract paintings up and I have 10 of my 16 x 20 collages. Check it out if you are in the area. We’ll be hanging through the end of May. Hope you get a chance to stop by.

Next, Heather and I took a day in my studio to test out some of the new products we may be bringing in to the stores. We tested Charvin Inks, Acrylics, Lukas Art Gels and Turner watercolors. Fun, fun FUN!!!
Here are a couple of shots of our work day:

I was invited to join a group of artists on April 16th for the 5th Annual Open Garden Art and Plant Show. The weather was toying with the project, so we ended up setting up indoors. In spite of the weather, which really did not get crazy until 4pm, we had lots of folks show up and had a great time selling, chatting and wandering through Amelia’s beautiful flowering garden! This actually turned out to be the day of 62 tornados that touched down in North Carolina, I think around 20 of them were in Raleigh area, so we really lucked out. Not any damage at work or home or anyone’s home that I know of. Totally unscathed and lucky as hell! Here are some shots of my indoor set up:

I have some new tropical bags underway for my newest opportunity! I need to finish these up so that I can submit them for approval of a pretty large order, so we shall see…

Lastly, this month we celebrated Joey’s birthday by going to visit Zach in Wilmington. Had some great family time together! It always warms my heart when I get to spend any amount of time with my boys… Here are a few photos, celebrating, relaxing and having a birthday dinner. Happy birthday honey!

Let's see...April showers bring May Flowers...


  1. Wow!!! Your posts make my head whirl! You are such a busy gal! Oh goodness...so much! Best wishes on your newest opportunity...I love the bags!
    And...those new products look awesome!!
    Take care of yourself!

  2. I'm with Ophelia; you are a MARVEL! ...love, Love, LOVE all the great things you have going on -- well-deserved wonderments, all!

    I can hardly wait to see what's next :-D

  3. Thank you ladies! As you both know, it's hard to pack everything we want to do into this one little life, so I just try and stick with my saying...
    "Do it NOW!"

  4. please let me know how I can place an order for one of those tropical bags. I'm obsessed with teal right now, so I'd love one with some of your awesome art work on it! :)