Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

What? September already!
Well, it's pretty bad when you have to look back at the photos on your camera to see what you've been up to. Since my job at Jerry's and my studio time at home and my pleasures and pass times outside of work sort of all blend together, it's just one big roller coaster ride!
August was just a blast. Lots of new opportunities, art endeavors, friends and actually a little relief from the heat. Morning walks have been a bit more cool to say the least...
Last week, one of our bradford pear trees split. We had a lot of rain and I guess it just got too heavy.
Later that week, Christina and I drove to Henderson to inventory three skids of stuff from Art of the Carolinas. Lots of fun coming up in that department, so stay tuned! On the way back, we saw this at the side of the road and I just HAD to turn around and get some pictures! Too funny.

Sterling Edwards was here for a three day workshop, Stylizing your Watercolors. He came over one night and we all painted in the studio! Lots of laughs and some great paintings too!

Here's Sterling and Joe

A shot from my work space over to Joe's


Explaining my art quilt in progress...

Joe and Sterling discussing the Matisse paints

My collage almost finished

In the midst of all this work and play, I've been preparing for my first outdoor show, Art in the Gardens. The show takes place at the Duke Hospital on Wake Forest Road, right across from the Hilton North Raleigh in the gardens off St. Albans Road. Check it out! September 18th from 10am-5pm. So I've been creating all kinds of items to sell: collages, bags, bowls, paintings and notecards. Here's part of my stash so far that I have staged in my upstairs office:

Like I said, August was a fantastic month. I wonder what September has in store??? Stay tuned for more news from me. Have a great start to the month! - Sharon

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