Thursday, September 30, 2010

Change is good!

Change in the weather, that is! It's been very rainy here lately, but I kind of like it. Especially when I'm NOT in a plane! We just returned from a fun and hard working show in Florida. Back to Tarpon Springs for the Florida Watercolor Show. I love that area with all the history and sponges and Greek food! Yum! It's to die for...
We were able to see lots of our Florida friends again and spend some time promoting Jerry's products and Art of the Carolinas. Here are some photos from the event:

Our Booth Space

Christina sitting for artist, Vilas Tonape

Here is the (almost) finished piece

From left to right: Meir Bohbot, our West Palm Beach store manager, Sharon Davies, event coordinator for the Florida Watercolor Show, and Joe DiGiulio, Education Advisor for Jerry's of Raleigh.

Here's Joe with our favorite customer, Marilynne (Monroe) Rowland. She's just the sweetest gal around!

And here's me with Marilee on the left (Marilynne's daughter)
and Ms. Marilynne Monroe herself on the right!
So, we made it back home without too much trouble...lots of rain both in the air and on the roads...Lots of laundry and getting back to normal. Ha! Went in to work for a couple hours to get some more of the AOC orders entered. Wow! We're having a record year so far. Thanks to all of you for your eagerness to learn new things and experiment and push yourselves to enjoy your creativity to the fullest!

Speaking of are a couple of shots of some new things I've been working on. This is folded and dyed heavy muslin. Dyed with Procion Dyes. I love the random, yet organization of each of the designs shown here. Uh, this is only the beginning! I'm really enjoying working with fabric and incorporating it with acrylics, dyes, resists. I'm basically working on my "stash" right now. I think after AOC, I'll work on creating some art quilts and hangings or maybe incorporate these fabrics into my collages. The choices are endless, but I really love this stage because it is all just experimenting. Such well deserved relaxation for my other side of the brain!

This is the beginning of a resist...

And these are about five pieces of fabric with different resists waiting to be revealed. I think I'll let them soak until tonight after work.

Oh, and one more thing...only 250 more shirts to dye for the show! WooHoo!


  1. You are AMAZING! I am glad that the show in FL went well; and hope you were able to see the Sister during your visit :-) See you, soon!

  2. Thanks Penny! No Cindy Lou this trip...she's about 10 more hours South. But soon. Hope you received all your new Strathmore toys. Maybe Oct?

  3. Love the behind the scenes details of your show in Florida! Looking forward to seeing you again in November if not sooner :)