Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome SPRING!

We missed you! Thanks so much for coming back. You are so refreshing and beautiful. Here are a few shots taken on your first day:
The Tulip Magnolia that Grandpa John planted



This is what I love about North Carolina! No waiting until April or May for the first sign of Spring. Day one and it's here! We spent the first day of Spring at the Artathon for Haiti in Downtown Raleigh at White Collar Crime painting. What a great way to welcome the new season. Lots of creative energy flowing. I loved the venue too. Here are a few shots from the day:

Here are some shots of my piece in progress that is almost complete:

When complete, it will be available at the Live Auction
Please come out for this great cause and help the victims in Haiti!

It really was a fun day and they played the best music, so it was just like painting in the studio!
Great job Carissa and Heather!

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