Monday, February 8, 2010

My Latest Obsession!

I was going to call it an addiction, but I didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression of me. We'll call this an obsession! Okay, so's oh so similar to working with paper, and if you know me, you know I am already obsessed with paper. Well, fabric is just another dimension! It really takes the same supplies to embellish both substrates and I also like mixing the two together...Here is a sample of that:

I did a demo at the store on Sunday and it was so much fun! Thank you to all those that came out to join in the fun! The photo I took didn't turn out so well, so I'll just post this other one that I took of one of the fabrics I painted:

Then, once I cleaned up and finished my day at work, Joe and I headed home and the Super Bowl was about to begin. The only problem was that I got myself all excited about creating, that I didn't really want to watch football. I sat for a little bit and just couldn't do it, so I put dinner in the oven and headed out to the studio to create some more... I did the set ups on several pieces of fabric. I am currently using a glue resist, then painting over top with Liquitex acrylic inks, Matisse acrylics and Jacquard Lumiere paints. The problem is, you have to wait until the glue dries to paint. So, I glued on about 10 pieces of fabric and went back to catch the second half of the Superbowl, which I hear was the best part anyway.

When I woke up this morning, I made my coffee and headed back out to the studio to paint before's what I have so far:

I'm rather excited about these! I still have to wash out the glue, then figure out where to take these next. It's all just too much fun! Wish I had more time to spend out there...


  1. Very cool, lady! I look forward to seeing how you incorporate this new element in your work.

  2. AMAZING!!! Hate I missed your demo. You are always so inspiring!!

  3. Love those! They look like batiks or colorful mudcloths. 'Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  4. You know, we rearranged the store by the Jacquard section and I started moving and reading and creating while I was working and now I just can't get enough of that stuff! Dyeing fabrics, printing with the Lumiere and oh, the beeswax too... Is this a sickness?