Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Day Off (Monday)

Well, I actually got alot of stuff done yesterday for the most part. I'm working on goodie bags for my Art of the Carolinas Instructors and I wanted to give them a little personal touch. I painted and decorated the tags with their names on them, which took a good long time, but it was so nice and relaxing. I like working on something that involves people. This gave me an opportunity to think about each of my artists as I was creating their personal tag. These instructors that teach at the show are oh so talented! We are very fortunate to have them right here in our own backyard each year, so I hope you take advantage of the fact that Raleigh will be filled with overflowing creativity in November at Art of the Carolinas!

Let's see, next I photographed and sized some new (and old) paintings that I noticed were not up on my Web site! Sometimes I'm just so busy getting the paintings done for a particular show or competition, that I forget to document them and get them up for others to enjoy and see what I've been up to. I just sent these to Joe (he maintains our site) yesterday, so I'm hoping he can take a break from all the football madness and update for me!
I gathered my paintings for Nicole Kennedy's Gallery. I'm part of a Music Show at Capital Bank. I'll be bringing 10 paintings to her today to take down there. Once I have the details on the show, I'll post them here.
I also went ahead and signed up for the NC State Fair competion. The deadline to have your money in is September 25th, so get on it!
Lastly, I sewed an apron! It's all my sister's fault for this recently revived addiction. My sister Cindy owns an upholstery and quilt shop in Key West, called The Seam Shoppe. When she was in town this summer, we had all kinds of projects going! I got her interested in painting and offering workshops and she got me back into sewing and a little bit of quilting. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...I need another project like I need a hole in the head! As you may know, Joe and I recently built and moved into our new studio in our backyard. During the move, I unearthed SO MANY projects that I had sort of forgotten about, so now I have about 12 things going all the time! It's all good, though. I just turn the music on and go! Oh, the apron turned out great! The only problem is that the pattern is made for a flat chested, skinny, short person...
Hmmm. Guess I'll need to make some adjustments to that pattern!
Another project arises...
Life is pretty darn good!

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