Monday, July 27, 2015

Hot off the Work Table

I finally made it back into the studio this past weekend. I have been collecting items for several years now at yard sales, antique shops, flea markets and other similar places. I absolutely love the hunt. I also take tons of photos on my excursions of the many fascinating things that people actually save for so many years. I love taking a fun glimpse into the past through these favorite places and collecting pieces to honor and celebrate the past. I love the wood items and the metal items. Something about the two together sort of makes me giddy and excited about making something new out of something old...

Here are two pieces I completed:

This piece is mounted on old barn wood and has two attachments of encaustic pieces. The top piece is a folded book, dipped in encaustic medium, then painted on top with copper encaustic paint. The middle piece is a small encaustic painted collage on encausticbord. The bottom metal piece is an old handle that I found quite intriguing. This could be used as a towel rack for a guest bathroom or as a wall hanging.

This piece is a handmade fork made of wood and maybe ivory. It feels and looks like a giant African bead and is just beautiful! I mounted it on aged wood and added the hooks for functionality.

Hope you have a great week!

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