Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 2014

Art of the Carolinas 2014 was another successful show! Thank you to everyone out there that was a part of it in some way. Whether you came to the show, worked at the show, participated in some of the workshops and bargains or just came by to see all the wonderful free demonstrations: Thank you for making this event the best of its kind in the country. It definitely is a great feeling to be at the helm of this huge art materials and workshops extravaganza and to see how it has magically evolved over the years because of you!

I always love this time of year! One of the reasons is the beautiful skies! I really have a thing for them. It almost takes my breath away when I step out on my front porch. Here are a few shots of the beauty that awaits almost nightly!

Another reason is the holiday season: Halloween, Zach's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. All of these holidays are definitely a time to get together with some of my favorite people to enjoy, create. decorate, make gifts, cook some fine meals, and just be generally festive! Who doesn't love that? Here are a couple of photos up through Thanksgiving so far:

And finally I am back in the studio! I have to take a few months almost completely off just to fully concentrate on Art of the Carolinas. But last Friday I actually stole about five hours out there with my friend Michelle. We have a show coming up in January with another art friend, Jeanne, and I still have several paintings to produce, so I'd better get on it... Here is a teaser photo - just one small portion of the overall show:
I hope you can take the time to come and see our show at 311 Gallery (formerly 311 Martin Street Gallery), Raleigh, NC. The opening is Saturday, January 2, 2015! Hope to see you there!!!
Now back to the studio for some more experimentation!


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  2. Love the new work, love that this AoC was the best one yet, love that I have the privilege of saying that for the 7th time, and love that I can call you my friend! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a new year that is ready to be amazed by YOU!