Monday, January 28, 2013

Mini Collages

Well, I thought I'd post a couple of my mini collages that I've done recently. I like to work in my studio first thing in the morning with my coffee, before getting ready to go to work at Jerry's Artarama. I normally have at least an hour, depending on how many times I hit the snooze button. ;)
These were all done with scraps that I saved from different projects. (You can also do this same exact exercise using fabric!) Here is the basic procedure:
  1. Cut your base pieces from larger scraps - all to a specific size. In this case, the base pieces were cut from wallpaper to approximately 3" x 5".
  2. I usually work on at least six at a time. Lay the six 3" x 5" pieces out on your work surface, so you can reach everything conveniently. Gather your other small scraps and other items like photos, stamps, torn papers, music sheets, maps, string, thread, etc. and PLAY!
  3. You can cut the pieces, tear the pieces or just place the pieces on any of the surfaces. Mix and match colors, shapes, textures.
  4. Dab with your glue stick as you are working.
  5. Move things around until you have your first layer.
  6. Think about composition.
  7. Think about different color combinations. 
  8. Get as detailed as you want.
  9. Add more components as you see fit.
  10. Make sure papers are fairly secure to the bottom piece.
  11. Once you have everthing attached, move the six new creations to your sewing machine. This is where you can embellish each mini masterpiece! You can use contrasting thread, black thread, shiny thread - whatever you want. A #12 or #14 needle should work just fine, assuming you don't have too many bulky layers to sew through or too much glue holding your pieces together.
  12. Sometimes I use a straight stitch, other times a zigzag. My machine has a few fancy stitches on it, so sometimes I'll use those. Just experiment and have fun.

Once you are satified with your mini collage, you can do lots of things with them:
  1. Put your collage behind a mat board and frame and you have a nice gift for someone special.
  2. You can also attach this to a greeting card and use as a nice personalized card for a dear friend.
  3. Alternatively, you can scan your images and use the photo on the greeting card, keeping the original.
  4. You can add these little gems to your other collage work and use as your focal point.
  5. Or another idea is to adhere this mini collage to a painted board that sort of trims it out, then pop it in a frame for a nice original display of your work!
I hope you enjoy!
I'll be posting some more throughout the coming months.

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