Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy September!

Well last month (August) was another whirlwind! I sure am happy and grateful for such a wonderful and full life, I can hardly keep up. Work has been amazing and always such a challenge, especially this time of year, so close to Art of the Carolinas! But we just keep chugging away at the duties at hand and sooner or later the show will be here once again and we'll have tons of folks from all over the country congregating right here in Raleigh for the art feast extravaganza! So far, I think I have everything under control. I always get a bit nervous that I'm going to forget something major. But: so far, so good!

I had a great opportunity in the last couple of days of August to shoot a new DVD. This one is called "Discover Encaustics with Sharon DiGiulio". It covers the basic set up of encaustic painting, the materials and several techniques to get you started. The shooting went very well and all the folks at Burning Oak Studios were great to work with! Here are some on set shots of me.

We just spent this past weekend getting Matt and Bridget married. What a beautiful couple, beautiful setting and fantastic time! It was great to get all the kids together for this celebration!

One of the new on line things both Joe and I are pretty hooked on is Pinterest! Wow. Talk about an addiction...Just a warning: If you decide to go to, allow at least three hours of your time, because it is endless! Tons of information, eye candy and also a great way to organize your interests (or pin your interests) on line. This allows for easy future access too! Okay, I warned you!

Happy September to everyone…

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