Saturday, May 12, 2012

Okay, so its May!

Sometimes life is such a blast and so filled with creativity that I just can't keep up! I think that's pretty much the saga of life. I want to do so much and experience and create and work full time on top of all of that, that just keeping up with all the modern technology, while trying to embrace the past...becomes quite the chore and challenge!
Creative wise...lots of fun workshops are going on at the store: watercolor, collage, encaustic, acrylic painting, name it! Jerry's has it in store for you! Here's a link to the workshops we're offering this year.
We've also been busy at DiGiulio Studios! Joe has a big show up now at the Cardinal Club in Raleigh, NC. Check out the details on his blog. This is a collection of his newest work and largest work. A "must see" for all!
Both of us will be offering workshops in Traverse City, Michigan this summer, so if you're in the area, come and have some fun! Joe will be teaching acrylic painting and I will be offering a class in encaustic!
I (as usual) have been busy getting my hands into several different things: Encaustic on board and on paper, creating stamping tools (oh my!) and printing onto paper and fabric. Then of course, my acrylics and journaling just to keep me "right"! My sister is in town, so we are getting together today - finally! to art a bit in the studio. Not sure if we'll be plugging in the encaustic or batik pans, or painting on paper or fabric, but we shall see!
Some recent encaustic collages
 Collage parts and pieces

Stamped papers

Speaking of my sister - Cindy - she and I spent a loverly weekend in Asheville last weekend to celebrate her 60th birthday. LOADS of fun and antiquing and hunting for treasures, eating great food and tasting wines. Cheers to you girl! What a great "partner in crime" you are. I am so very thankful for you in my life!

Zach will be coming to town today, so I'm pretty stoked about that! He just informed me yesterday that in addition to the chickens, rooster, and goats, that he now has a cow! Yes, my son owns a cow...Who would have thunk it?

Joe and I finally made it out to Happy Hour at The Flying Saucer last night! Great beers - IPA's for Joe and Ambers for me. I took this shot and think it's pretty awesome:

Well hope you enjoyed this post.
In addition to all of this, I have been working really hard on Art of the Carolinas 2012. I am just about finished gathering all the artist info and information for the classes, sizing photos for the Web site and now building the Web, it shouldn't be too long before the "games begin"! Be sure to check back for all of this year's details!
Okay off to the studio now!

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  1. Love it... Every minute of your journey!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!