Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011

Happy 2011! No, I didn't make my resolutions just yet, but I do have my intentions! I like that word better. I intend to do lots of fun stuff this year, so look out! Actually, I already have...So far, so good! These first couple of weeks have been a little crazy with the weather. Snow, Ice, Sixty degree weather, freezing. Working, playing, creating, parties, appointments, opportunities, surprises. You name it! It has been a bit of an interesting time getting my heels dug in and ready for this new year. But with almost two weeks under my belt, we are definitely off to a great start!
As usual, I had to toggle through my photos to see all that I've been up to, so here we go:

Joe and me on New Year's Eve. Cheers!

King Kitty being his handsome self.

Cindy working on her new quilt in the studio.

 One of my new addictions...I think this is #3

Here is some of the student work from my Encaustic Class at Jerry's

 This is some fabric swatches that my sister gave to my mom years ago. My mom cut out the pieces and reconstucted them into the 6 inch squares, but never did anything with them. Cindy's had these pieces for another 13 or 14 years and decided to give them to me to do something with. Can you tell this procrastination thing sort of runs in the family? Well, I laid them all out and pieced them together. Think I'll make a pillow, as it seems that's my most recent addiction...pillows! 

 Here are two more below in the guest room.
This is what I decided to make out of my previously posted project

Joe taking a break in the studio...

 Finishing up a piece I started a while back.

So, yeh, pillows are the new thing of the moment.

Solid ice all over my car. Wish I had a scraper.
My credit card doesn't work so hot on the 1/2" thick ice!

So there you have first 13 days of January! Whew...Just got back from a Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild Meeting. So many more adventures on the horizon! Look out, cause there's no stopping me now! If you're in Raleigh this coming Sunday, stop by the store. I'll be doing a demo on Painting on Fabric with Acrylics...Guess what I'm going to make out of the fabric???


  1. uh... Pillows? great to see all that you have been up to, my dear! Everything looks wonderful!
    So good to have you in the mix for all that lies ahead, Guild-wise ;-)
    Here's to all the creative wonderment, ahead!

  2. You've been a very busy girl! Love your pillows! Great seeing last night! Here's to a wonderful 2011! Cheers!