Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congratulations to my sister, Cindy!

Congratulations on your First Place Ribbon in the show at Sodu Gallery, 1100 Duval Street, Key West, FL! Cindy Meyer - "Beach Retreat" - Mixed Media Art Quilt. AWESOME. I'll post an image once I get one from her...

Here is a photo I took from inside my studio Friday morning on the way out. Now, I didn't go cleaning up or anything, so be nice:

I was on my way to teach Creative College Techniques to some of the girls at Cypress of Raleigh. Here's a photo of the gals working hard:

Next, a shout out congratulations to Emily, my niece on her graduation from college! With honors, I might add...I'm sure she'll have plenty of photos up on Facebook soon.

Another congrats is in order for Christina and Harry on the announcement of their engagement! The party was a blast yesterday. Lots of fabulous food, cold beer and fun friends. Thanks!

Posted below are some of my weekend projects.
My new collages (these are both 9 x 12 and on Ampersand's Claybord):

Bali Bowl:

And some painted fabric:
Well, that's it for now! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Congrats to all and don't you just love Ampersand Claybord? I love, love it! If it were not for Claybord, I don't think I would be painting.

  2. Yes! I learned how to burn it too in Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch's class. Totally cool!

  3. i am sooooo not jealous of your studio! not one single bit....mess and all;)

    and congrats all around!

  4. Your studio....ROCKS!!! Have some clayboard around here somewhere..but have never used it...

  5. Love your studio, the light and the windows! The collages are to die for, wonderful color and design!

  6. Denee: Good. You shouldn't be jealous, you just need to come over and play sometime. You know, I may just have to have an open house one of these days and get you all over!

  7. Ophelia: You need to get your claybord out and see what you can do with it! It's absolutely the BEST for collage! Nice and smooth, lays and stays flat, and you can easily cut the edges of any "hanging chads".

  8. Pat:
    Thanks for stopping by! Our studio is a three car garrage without the garage doors. Two story. Right now we share the bottom space and once the upper space is complete (well, once we agree on what to do with the upper space)who knows what! Any ideas are welcomed!