Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well, it's been so long, I almost forgot my password for this blog! This has been a crazy and productive month! So, I think what I'll do is just highlight it with photos and small captions. You fill in the blanks:

Opening of the new NC Art Museum!
(Totally awesome - you HAVE to put this on your list of things to'll be blown away!)

Robert and Lisa at the Art Auction for Haiti. Thanks to the hard work of Heather and Carissa, we were able to raise over $30,000.00!
Great job girls!

NC State's Art to Wear Winning Collection!

One of my students in my Linoleum Carving START Class.

Joe doing a demo in his "Developing Abstract Acrylics on Paper" Workshop

Celebrating Joe's Birthday!

My donation piece, "Females are Silent" for the Tuxedo Ball.

Springfest in Southern Pines

One of my new encaustics at Artsource Gallery in Raleigh.

So, as you can see, we've been pretty busy AND having lots of fun!
Thanks for stopping by...
Happy creating!


  1. Good Lord girlie...I'm tired! Happy Birthday to Joe! You are amazing and your donated piece is so awesome.

  2. You chose my favorite room in the new Museum! I absolutely LOVE where the Morris Louis is dramatic. I don't even remember it in the old building. I'm looking forward to going back and seeing more, including the new gift shop and Iris restaurant, which weren't finished when I got my early sneak peek.

  3. Michelle: Yes! The NC Art Museum is definitely over the top! I'm so proud to have a wonderful place like that in our city. We'll be going back soon to soak in even more. Kyle, our favorite waiter from shabashabu is working at Iris!

  4. I know! When we were at shabashabu last week after the Board meeting, we had him, and he told us he'd be working there. Very cool!

  5. We're loving your new encaustic paintings, hand-painted handbags, and Bali Bowls! Keep up all of the hard work! :)

  6. To ArtSource: I'm working on a larger encaustic piece! Can't wait to bring it by. Thanks for the suggestion...